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English 12: British Literature and Composition

Page history last edited by Lisa Boyd 14 years ago

English 12 Course Information:

Completed Units:

Unit 1

Evolution: Development of the English Language, British Literature, and the Individual

Week 08/3/09 through Week 10/12/09

Unit 2

Battle: Physical and Psychological Struggle

Week 10/19/09 through Week 12/14/09

Unit 3

Relationships: Torments and Triumphs of Love

Week of 01/04/09 thorugh Week 3/29/10

Unit 4

Society: Inside and Outside

Esssential Questions:

How do authors use literature to express their criticism of society?

Can human beings overcome their differences? 

Are class and power conflicts essential to human social interaction?

How do individuals express their unwillingness to conform to social expectations?

Can an individual successfully oppose society?

Resources and texts: excerpt from An Essay on Man, The Butter Battle Book"A Modest Proposal""Top of the Food Chain""Cats that Other White Meat"Pygmalion




Week of 12 April 2010

Week of 19  April 2010

Week of 26 April 2010

Week of 3 May 2010

Week of 10 May 2010

Week of 17 May 2010

  • work on soundtrack project (instructions) 
  • SENIOR EXAMS (Pygmalion soundtrack project DUE at end of exam period)
  • 5/18/10 EXAMS 2 & 6 periods
  • 5/19/10 EXAMS 1 & 5 periods
  • 5/20/10 EXAMS 4 & 8 periods
  • 5/21/10 EXAMS 3 & 7 periods 

Week of 24 May 2010 

  • graduation practice 

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