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English 12 2009-10 Unit 1

Page history last edited by Lisa Boyd 10 years, 11 months ago

Unit 1

Evolution: Development of the English Language, British Literature, and the Individual

Essential Questions:

  • How are living entities affected by their history and environment, and how do they change over time?  
  • How can writers express personal growth and change through their writing? 
  • What literary techniques do authors employ to depict evolution and adaptation in characters?

Resources on British Literary Periods: Anglo-Saxon and Middle Ages, Renaissance, Restoration, Romantic, Victorian, and Modern

Resources on Development of English Language: BBC Ages of English Timeline,Living Language video questions, etymology & dictionary entries, Language families chartLanguage in Britain timeline,Stonehenge, Hadrian's Wall, Anglo-Saxon kingdoms,Anglo-Saxons, Sutton Hoo, Vikings,   Norman Conquest, King John, Magna Carta, The Black Death, Hundred Years' War, Caxton & printing press, British Empire in 1815, expansion of British Empire




by 8/21/09

by 8/28/09

by 9/04/09

by 9/11/09


ch. 1-6

ch. 7-13

ch. 14-20

ch. 21-27


letters & ch. 1-5

ch. 6-12

ch. 13-18

ch. 19-24

Great Expectations

ch. 1-14

ch. 15-29

ch. 30-44

ch. 45-59

Jane Eyre

ch. 1-9

ch. 10-19

ch. 20-29

ch. 30-38

Pride and Prejudice

ch. 1-15

ch. 16-31

ch. 32-46

ch. 47-61

Wuthering Heights

ch. 1-8

ch. 9-17

ch. 18-26

ch. 27-34


Week of 8/03/09

  • colors personality test
  • simile creation
  • summer reading assessment
  • Vocabulary Workshop Lesson 1 exercises 1 & 2
  • interest survey for classic novel literature circle

Week of 8/10/09  

Week of 8/17/09

Week of 8/24/09

Week of 8/31/09

Week of 9/07/09

Week of 9/14/09

Week of 9/21/09

Week of 9/28/09

Week of 10/12/09

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