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AP English Literature and Composition

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AP English 12 Course Information and Documents:

Unit 5 

Family, Sanity, & Sacrifice: Connection and Isolation between the Self and Society


Essential Questions:

  • Why is conflict an inevitable part of familial and societal relationships?

  • In a world of fragmentation and absurdity, can individuals ever truly connect with one another?
  • What are the boundaries of love and sacrifice, and where does one draw the line between them?
  • What are the factors that move individuals, communities, and nations to great sacrifice, and what are the consequences?
  • Can the sacrifice of an individual lead to the salvation of a diseased whole? 
  • How does society define and regulate sanity and normality in the individual?


  • online text: Hamlet, As I Lay Dying


Week of 21 March 2011

Week of 28 March 2011

Week of 11 April 2011

Week of 18 April 2011

Week of 25 April 2011

  • 04/26-27/11 As I Lay Dying pages 47-179 DUE
  • 04/26-27/11 AP ENG LIT PRACTICE EXAM part 2 
  • 04/26-27/11 Hamlet project DUE (assessment options) 
  • 04/28-29/11 As I Lay Dying pages 180-261 DUE
  • 04/28-29/11 major work of choice analysis questions for AP Lit Exam review DUE (instructions; open free-response prompts)
  • 04/30/11 AP ENG LIT PRACTICE EXAM (1:00-4:00); AP Exam survival kit (explanations of items) 

Week of 2 May 2011

  • AP exam review activites: thesis statements, prompt annotation, comparison poetry prompts, multiple-choice practice and strategies, open prompt pledge, tone vocabulary (tone lists 1-10, tone lists 11-20
  • 05/02-03/11 As I Lay Dying analysis questions for AP Lit Exam review DUE (instructionsopen free-response prompts) 

´╗┐Weeks of 9 and 16 May 2011



  • Unit 1 
    Facade: What Lies Beneath the Surface
  • Unit 2
    Quest for Identity: the Individual defined in Society
  • Unit 3 

    Destiny: the Individual shaped by Heredity and Environment

  • Unit 4

    Truth and Lies: the Thin Line Between Civilization and Savagery

  • Unit 5
    Family, Sanity, & Sacrifice: Connection and Isolation between the Self and Society 


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