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AP Lit Unit 4

Page history last edited by Lisa Boyd 13 years, 2 months ago

Unit 4 

Truth and Lies: the Thin Line Between Civilization and Savagery


Essential Questions:

  • Why is civilization important, and what factors support or destroy its fabric?
  • In the face of the savage reality of human behavior, why do people continue to pursue the concept of civilization?
  • What are the positive and negative aspects of chaos and order?
  • Do absolute or universal truths exist?  How does perspective shape or alter truth?
  • How does the individual face his or her own savagery and hypocrisy?
  • What is the truth of the darkness at the heart of civilization and the civilized human being?



Week of 3 January 2011

Week of 10 January 2011

  • School closed due to snow 

Week of 17 January 2011 

Week of 24 January 2011  

Week of 31 January 2011 

Week of 7 February 2011  

Week of 14 February 2011 

  • Heart of Darkness chapter 3 AP-Exam multiple-choice questions
  • AP Exam mutliple-choice strategies and practice
  • AP Exam prose and poetry analysis strategies and practice
  • AP Exam timed essay practice
  • 02/17-18/11 Poetry Out Loud annotation, explication, and personal response DUE (POL website, instructions) 

Week of 21 February 2011

Week of 7 March 2011

  • AP Exam poetry prompt analysis: Eros poems  
  • distribution of Heart of Darkness Socratic seminar organizer and poetry
  • 03/09-10/11 tone vocabulary groups 11-16 application DUE (assignment, tone vocabulary 11-20)
  • 03/09-10/11 Heart of Darkness analysis questions DUE (analysis and vocabulary assignment)
  • 03/10-11/11 in-class AP Exam timed-writing (Eros poems compare-contrast prompt and prose prompt)

Week of 14 March 2011

  • preparation for Heart of Darkness Socratic seminar  
  • 03/16-17/11 Heart of Darkness Socratic seminar
  • 03/17-18/11 poetry response 2 DUE (instructions, poetry packet 

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