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AP English Lit Unit 2

Page history last edited by Lisa Boyd 13 years, 1 month ago

Unit 2 

Quest for Identity: the Individual defined in Society


Essential Questions:

  • Is identity innate or created?

  • How does an individual transcend society’s expectations?

  • How does social class affect a person’s identity?

  • How do authors effectively express a character’s internal conflict?


Week of 9 August

Week of 16 August

Week of 23 August

  • reading and discussion of Pygmalion Act 1
  • 8/24-25/10  colors personality personal narrative draft 2 DUE & peer review (instructions) 
  • tone vocabulary group 4 
  • 8/24-25/10 Emma chapters 1-14 DUE (analysis assignment)
  • discussion of Emma chapters 1-14
  • discussion of returned summer reading free-response essays; revision assigned (rubric for timed AP essays) 
  • reading and discussion of Pygmalion Acts 2 & 3     
  • 8/26-27/10 vocabulary 1-4 QUIZ 
  • 8/26-27/10 colors personality personal narrative final draft DUE (instructions, rubric

Week of 30 August

Week of 6 September

Week of 13 September

  • reading and analysis of The Taming of the Shrew induction
  • discussion of persuasive writing strategies   
  • 9/15-16/10 vocabulary 1-6 QUIZ (tone vocabulary 
  • 9/15-16/10 timed-writing essay: SAT prompt 

Week of 20 September

Week of 26 September  

Week of 11 October   

 Week of 18 October

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