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AP English Lit Unit 1

Page history last edited by Lisa Boyd 13 years, 3 months ago

Unit 1 

Facade: What Lies Beneath the Surface















Essential Questions:

  • What is concealed beneath the fa├žade of perfection in societies and individuals?

  • In societies that strictly categorize people, how do individuals define and/or maintain their identities?

  • How do authors emphasize duality and contrast within characters and their settings?

  • What techniques do authors use to create the impression of reality within fictional works?


  • Maragaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale
  • David Guterson's Snow Falling on Cedars 
  •  Yann Martel's Life of Pi 


Week of 2 August

  • root word vocabulary pretest
  • timed-writing pretest: 2010 AP English Literature Exam question 2 
  • colors personality test (personality traits) 
  • literary terminology pre-test 
  • colors personality personal narrative draft (instructions, Boyd's pre-writing, draft, narrative)
  • tone vocabulary group 1
  • small-group rhetorical analysis of Snow Falling on Cedars pages 183-185 (rhetorical triangle notes)
  • 8/4-5/10 colors personality draft DUE (instructions)
  • writers' workshop: colors personality personal narrative drafts (instructions, rubric)
  • 8/5-6/10 summer reading assignment DUE (instructions)
  • review of course policies (PPT
  • discussion of returned 2010 AP English Literature Exam question 2 timed-writing essay   

Week of 9 August

Week of 16 August

  • 8/16-17/10 TEST: summer reading timed-writing assessment (AP Exam free-response topics)
  • tone vocabulary group 3 
  • AP Exam prompt group analysis and outline creation
  • 8/19-20/10 poetry response 1 DUE (poetry packet, poems for printinginstructions)
  • 8/20 & 23/10  colors personality personal narrative draft 2 DUE & peer review  

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