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English 12 2009-10 Unit 3

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Unit 3

Relationships: Torments and Triumphs of Love




Week of 4 January 2010

Week of 11 January 2010

  • reading and analysis marriage tales ["The Knight's Tale," "The Wife of Bath's Tale," "The Nun's Priest's Tale"] from The Canterbury Tales (Chivalric Code, comparison chart)
  • vocabulary lesson 10
  • explanation of Poetry Out Loud explication and recitation assignment (instructions, POL website)

Week of 18 January 2010

Week of 25 January 2010

Week of 1 February 2010

Week of 8  February 2010

Week of 22  February 2010

Week of 1 March 2010

Week of 8 March 2010

Week of 15 March 2010

Week of 22 March 2010

Week of 29 March 2010 

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